about DEETRA

Hi, I'm dee.

I grew up watching my mom sew.  I remember the dreaded trips to the fabric store. It was incredibly boring for a young girl. The highlight of the trips were when my brother and I got to ride in the carts. Not sure if you remember the carts at a fabric store back in the 1970’s. they were vertical and not horizontal. Picture a chariot being pulled by horses…we did. Hiya! Hiya!

Not sure where I was going with this, but it seemed like a good place to start.  I aced sewing in home economics in the eight grade. I wasn’t too particularly fond of the time spent honing that skill, but here I am, decades later, sewing and creating fora living.

As a woman growing up without the “perfect” body, I have always found it very frustrating shopping for clothing. Especially cute clothing for riding my motorcycles. Back in the 1980’s, it was nearly impossible to find tailored or fitted vests or jackets. Everything I wore made me look like a linebacker. When I decided to embark on this journey, I vowed to make sure every woman rider had the opportunity to wear clothing that was protective and stylish.

I guess if I had to have a goal, or a motivation, for what I do, that would be it. I specialize in creating clothing and accessories that are designed BY and FOR the customer. I pay attention to the curves of a woman's body and style the garment to flatter, or downplay, those areas. From the color and type of leather, down to the color of thread, each piece is unique to the individual. I never recreate the same item. I pay attention to the details and know you do also.
The workmanship on my items is guaranteed. No matter if it’s a stitch or a rivet, I will repair the item for free. I want you to be satisfied and comfortable knowing that your purchase was a good investment. I strive for quality. Not quantity.

My workshop is not filled with racks and racks of the same item in different sizes. My clothing rods and shelves are filled with items you have created, in different stages of production. I never ask for payment until I know you are fully satisfied with your completed item. I stand by my estimates, even if it ends up costing me more to create the item for you. No surprises. No guessing games. I create garments and accessories out of high quality leather and fabrics. And I guarantee that what you ask for is what you will receive!